Instruction/Guideline For Applying For Vendor Approval


1.       Firms are advised to download (click here) CLW vendor development procedure and familiarize them with it.Necessary documents for Vendor Approval are given in vendor development procedure.

2.       All notarized copy of declaration/affidavit should be send in hard copy to CLW vendor development cell at the address given below:-

         Vendor Development Cell

         Centre for Design & Development

         Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

         P.O.: Chittaranjan, West Bengal-713331

3.       Prospective vendors can apply for fresh registration foe CLW controlled items only. The vendors can search for items in which they intend to get registered by studying the vendor directory available online

          on CLW website (click here) applicable for the items.

4.       Prospective vendors are advised to collect all the information mentioned in the CLW vendor development procedure before filling online application for vendor approval.Vendor will be required to upload

          these documents in .pdf format. (Note: It is advised to first arrange these documents in soft copy on the PC from where the online application form is being filled.)

5.        Firm should have digital signature and all the documents submitted by the firm should be digitally signed. Please note that the documents shall not be considered valid unless it is digitally signed.

6.       Steps in filling Vendor Registration Application :

   (i)      Logging on the Vendor Approval Portal:

                       * The prospective vendor who intends to get registered with CLW for the items controlled by CLW has to first create an account through vendor approval portal (click here) by clicking the “create

                       account” link.

                       * On creation of account by vendor, log in ID & password for vendor will be generated by system and sent to vendor on registered mobile number and e-mail. The ID and password shall be used

                       for all future transactions on website.

   (ii)      New Application For Vendor Approval:

                       * The prospective vendor is required to log in using the ID& password communicated to him

                       * Firms are required to go to the option of “NEW APPLICATION FOR VENDOR APPROVAL” andfill the required detail (including item description) and submit the detail.

   (iii)      Submit Form-A:

                * Once firm has submitted the Application for vendor approval for a particular item, they will get an option to fill Form-A under “SUBMIT FORM-A(x)”.

                * There are Three sections in the form as below:

                o Part – I (General): In general part the firm has to fill the basic details of the firm, contact person, organization detail, manpower etc.

                o Part – II (Technical): In this part the technical details such as machinery & plants, testing equipment and other facilities available with the prospective firm is to be filled. Detail of quality assurance

                   and R&D facilities is also to be filled under this section.

                o Part – III (Comercial): In this part the commercial details such as GST registration, financial liabilities etc. of the prospective firm is to be filled. In this part itself, firm is require to submit detail of 

                   registration fee payment.

                * It may be noted that all the information in the Form-A are to be filled with at most care and subsequent changes may not be possible. All the information should be backed by appropriate

                   documents which are required to be published in original during the assessment.

                * If any field is not applicable to the firm or the information is not available, firm should give an appropriate response against these fields such as "not applicable" etc. instead of leaving the field blank.

                * Standard formats as given on the website must to be followed.The quality assurance plan must be as per CLW format given on the website     
                        Test Protocol
                        QAP Format

                * Each machinery and plant and testing equipment available with the firm must be filled and ownership proof to be attached.

                * The information filled in the Form-A should be true and accurate. False information may result into rejection of the application.

   (iv)      Registration Fee:

                * The registration fee for Fresh registration is:

                  o  For Indian firms

                      Rs. 15000/-

                      Rs. 25000/-

                      Rs. 5000/-(for additional items/Unit)

                  o  For Overseas firms $ 1000.

                * The detail of payment of registration fee to be filled under Part-III of Form-A.

                * Payment to be made through RTGS/Net banking only. No other mode of payment shall be acceptable. The detail for the same is given below:

                     Name of the Beneficiary  -  Chittaranjan locomotive works
                        Bank Name  -  STATE BANK OF INDIA
                        CLW A/C No.- 10919738724
                         IFSE Code -  SBIN0000241

                *The RTGS form for State Bank of India is attached here  (Scan copy of RTGS ).  A similar from other banks may be obtained from respective banks.

   (v)      Deficiency in Application:

                * Any deficiency in the application found during the scrutiny will be intimated through the portal only. The response against deficiencyshall also be submitted through the portal only.

                * Any deficiency in the machinery, plant, testing equipment and measuring equipment to be addressed using “Update Machinery And Plants” and “Update Testing Equipments and Facilities” options.

   (vi)      Assessment of the Firm:

                * Once all the documents submitted by the firm have been found in order, an assessing officer shall be nominated by competent authority.

                * The date of assessment shall be intimated to the vendor through portal.

   (vii)     Issue of Registration Letter:

                * The result of assessment shall be intimated to the vendor through portal only. Firm can download the letter for registration/rejection from the portal.

6.     For any further query, vendor may contact the vendor development cell (contact detail given below) at C-D&D, CLW.


       Contact Detail:

               1.Sh. Sanjib Kumar Banerjee, SSE/Design

                  Mobile No.- +91- 8420043337


               2.Sh. R. P. Bharti, Dy.CEE/D&D

                  Mobile No.- +91- 9163340309


               3.Sh. S. K. Singh, Dy.CEE/D-II

                  Mobile No.- +91- 9163340310


               4.Sh. A. K. Mitra, Dy.CEE/D/CONV

                  Mobile No.- +91- 9163340307


               5.Sh. Anurag Agrawal, Dy.CEE/TMD

                  Mobile No.- +91- 9163340313


               6.Sh. M. K. Gupta, CEE/D&D

                  Mobile No.- +91- 9163340301



       Chittaranjan Locomotive works